Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Burger Madness

Warning. Warning. Warning.

These pictures are fuzzily out of focus.

I don't know why.

Could be the amount of alcohol in the photographer.

Could be a cheap camera.

But . . . here it is.

First of all . . . a half moon.

Then . . . the grill. Hamburgers. Onions.
A closer picture of the onions.

Buns . . . toasting on the upper grill.

O.K. The final picture wasn't taken. Your photographer with his face full of grilled hamburger and onions and cheese on a toasted bun.

Eat your heart out.

I did.


  1. I had to laugh! It is always the onions cooking which draw the crowds at the Markets, & such events. Glad you enjoyed them!

  2. Must have been the moon affecting the camera focus.

  3. Mmmmm.... hamburgers and onions. That is a winning combo. All I would add is some grilled mushrooms.

  4. Yep, you're right Meggie, nothing like the smell of onions cooking.

    Hey, Colonel, I never thought of that. Yeah, that's the ticket, my camera was moonstruck!

    Tombo - Not a bad idea.

  5. Onions are tasty, but you know they make your eyes water. That's the answer to the focus problem. Not the moon, not the alcohol, not the camera. It's the onions.

    Steve in Germany

  6. But Steve that's when you peel them, not when you cook them. No, I think my camera was moonstruck.

  7. Oops sorry, GJ, I thought I had answered you with a "yum, yum"!

  8. Never mind the blur, my mouth is watering not my eyes, I can just smell those onions...

  9. Lucy - Now stop that. YOU'RE making ME hungry again!


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