Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wintry skies - north central Arizona


  1. I'm trying to guess...were you up on the hill in the Country Club shooting across the highway?

  2. Nope, way at the west end of the Sam's Club parking lot, shooting across Victorian Estates.

  3. Sort of brings back that panic attack mode that I felt when I was out west. I think I need more green and less vastness.

  4. But Mike . . . remember the story of John and Mary Hill, who were in a car accident in Translyvania and found their way to Dr. Frankenstein's castle. Despite his best effors, however, they passed away in his laboratory. He went to his music room and began playing the organ melancholically. Igor, who was cleaning up the lab, noticed twitching in time to the music and then the supposedly dead couple sat bolt upright. Igor rushed to his master to announce "The Hills are alive with the sound of music!"

    Now THAT could bring on a panic attack!


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