Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Most of the snow has disappeared at our elevation but it's still icy, with piles of snow alongside roads and in parking lots, in Prescott . . . only a few miles away but a few hundred feet higher. But it is COLD! The overnight low forecast for tonight is 18 degrees. Of course, up in North Dakota, where I grew up, it's supposed to be 9 degrees BELOW zero tonight with wind chills at 30 below. Arizona is still better.


  1. Gom & I were just watching the news with all the snowstorms accross the USA. So glad we dont have weather like that but on the other hand, I don't like stewing either. Now it is bushfire season, & there have been tragedies.
    Watching those storms in America make Global warming seem unreal.

  2. Meggie, I so hope you don't have a bushfire like that terrible one last year. Unfortunately, whenever the weather turns cold, the doubters try to dispel the facts about global warming but I'm afraid it is very real.

  3. Everywhere I go... snow.
    We are having ice pellets today.
    I think we're in for a hell of a winter!

  4. Dawn - SWMBO thinks so, too, but I am relying on the Global Warmy to straighten things out!

  5. It's nice to see what I'm not missing. Now that I've said it, it will probably snow here.

  6. Well I am very impresses with your desert snow. All we get is rain rain every day!

  7. Steve - Keep a fire in the fireplace!

    Lucy - I much prefer the rain. It's been cold enough here that the snow in the shady areas just doesn't melt.


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