Tuesday, December 15, 2009


As one gets older, one of the joys of Christmas is getting cards with photos enclosed. Usually, it's photos of children of your relatives. Such was the case yesterday when a card arrived from one of our granddaughters, along with photos of her two sons. Our great-grandsons. That seems amazing to say but it's true. So here are two Colorado cowboys . . . Kyle and Donovan, looking ready to rope the range.


  1. SOOOO cute! Hmmm, you don't look that old!

  2. They are adorable!
    Do they get that from you? ;)

  3. Of course!

    Actually, neither one of them have any of my genes. Alas!

  4. My (Texas) parents and I have just been sitting around the kitchen table . . . looking at today's selection of Xmas cards. The ones with pictures of kids really are the most fun and gratifying . . . although I don't have the pleasure of grands or great-grands yet!

    Our fog has turned to snow! Any chance of that happening in the Southwest?

  5. It doesn't look like it, Bee. It's too warm for snow through Christmas Eve, at least.

  6. Yippi ki-yah, pardner.

    Word verification is spoods. Good ole potatos.


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