Saturday, February 6, 2010

Going to the dogs!

You might wonder what these two alert dogs are waiting for.

They're waiting for their turn to enter Prescott's Dog Park!

Let's hope they obey the warning.

The dog park is located in north Prescott and obviously is a very popular spot, for dogs and their owners.

I overheard that this miniature dachsund was meeting other dogs for the very first time. His eyes tell the story.

The park is large and gives dogs plenty of room to roam. But it also provides some necessary items.

During the time I spent there, there was some occasional barking but all of the animals seemed to get along well with each other. I saw no fights but a lot of curiousity and gentle playing.

The dog park: a good idea.


  1. That's nice. Do they provide cleanup bags? Here in Germany they have recepticles for the dog doo. Nice addition.

  2. I think those parks are such a good idea. I am afraid we could not take our Leo, he is too naughty. Honey would be ok.

  3. Steve - Y'know I don't recall seeing any but I think the owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets.

    Meggie - Awww, well maybe if Leo saw how much fun Honey was having he might behave himself. (or not.)

  4. Great name for a dog park!

    Hey, Mr. Cat, I've aleady had such a good response, I felt confident enough to go ahead and set up the new blog and photo prompt! First one due Tuesday, Feb. 16 to give everyone enough time to find the new blog and sign the Mr. Linky. Fun! Thanks for agreeing to participate. xx

  5. NO humping in the dog park, Catalyst.

    That goes for your dog, too.

  6. Got it, Willow. I'll do my humble best.

    AC - Well, where have you been? No problem for me in the dog park. I only possess cats. (or vice versa.)

  7. Ahh -- we take Hutch and Buddy to the local Dog Park early every Sunday morning. For them it is like a trip to Disney World -- a universe of so many smells and sights and actual room to run free...and so many playmates. For my wife and I, we walk around with an eagle eye with little plastic bags in hand.

  8. Jerry - Good for you! Or, as they say in New York, "Good on you!"

  9. This was a fun trip! Dogs are fun to watch. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Judy - Yes, even for a cat-lover, I enjoyed my visit.

  11. I have been to that dog park many times with my 4 dogs. It is a great place for them to socialize with other dogs


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