Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter dinner

SWMBO comes up big on holidays. We're not big on such days but she can outdo herself in the kitchen.

So we started with some delicious deviled eggs.

Then there was the centerpiece . . . a pork loin.

Looks pretty good, doesn't it?

It's even better when coated with gravy, accompanied by dressing (not stuffing) and some delicious sweet potatoes.

Trust me. It was as delicious as it looks.


  1. Oh scrumdiddlyumptious!And yes it does look very good. We had roast lamb & salad!

  2. Oh that does look very good...Hugs

  3. Mmmm...delicious! Do you want to cook for me next year. I got stuck stuffing the turkey and I just needed another 10 hands! Now the kids come over for turkey dinner they want the "works". Poor ma is now officially "bagged". It was pretty good I must say, the stuffing was unusally good because I changed to Villagio bread rather than just the cheapo variety I usually get. I need to work on sauces, like your sauce looks tres excellent! Hub never wants me to change a thing..basic meat and potatoes type guy. Cant take the spices etc. I love spices! Oh well! Compromise. I added unusal spices (very small amounts) of tumeric etc to the gravy. I am not a gravy fan...too fattening and greasy. Although at one time that is all i would eat...the fat! :)

  4. Jane - Making the "stuffing" outside the turkey as "dressing" is much easier, I think, and it becomes less greasy. But that's the job of SWMBO. I just keep the drinks glasses full!

  5. Katherine - I've never eaten lamb but keep being interested. I'll have to try it one of these days.

    Bernie - Thanks for stopping by . . and for the "hugs"!

  6. mmm...dinner looks lovely. hope you had a fabulous easter.

  7. Steve - It was full-filling!

    Brian - It was very nice.

    Jerry - Darn it, everytime I come here I see those pictures again and I get hungry again, too!

  8. ((drool)) This looks dee-lish!!
    I made a roast leg of lamb, as well, with collard greens.

  9. Oh my gosh, I don't want my husband to see this. Well, our chicken keebobs and quinoa on the side, were pretty good but they didn't look THIS good.

  10. GJ, Willow, Tombo and Kathryn - If you folks are going to look this closely, I'm gonna have to work on my photography skills!

  11. Drool drool slobber slobber slurp...


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