Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mag 8

A mystic globe
entraps a futile struggle
between a man
and a Roc.

Or is it a Phoenix Bird,
rising from the ashes
of the man’s

I gaze at the scene,
unfolding its miniature terror,
and I wonder . . .

What bird is this?

What dreams are these?

What is this thing?


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And, Willow, thanks for driving me crazy with this prompt!


  1. A lovely response to this Magpie prompt!

  2. You're welcome Mr. C. I do aim to please! :^)

    I like to think the mysterious bird as a Phoenix, full of wonder and terror. Well done!

  3. Thanks, pal, though I don't think this was one of my best.

  4. I like that the egg with the painted scene is an egg with a painted scene in your piece and you are contemplating it's meaning. I like the approach. :)

  5. Sorry to disappoint, Lisa, but until I read some of the other approaches, I thought it was a glass globe!

  6. So many questions escape this globe. I love the provocative feel of this, the wonder and imagery.

  7. Why, thank you Tumblewords. Your words mean a lot.

  8. Being in a state of wonderment can only be a good thing Catalyst! It keeps the grey matter working & neurons firing. I liked your take on the prompt.

  9. Catalyst

    "So we started with some delicious deviled eggs."

    Is that what you did with the egg at the campfire?

    Nice take on the prompt -- Dreaming and Musing -- a true poem at heart...


  10. Wow, you can switch from short story to poetry with much ease and excellence. Love your vision!

  11. Very nicely done! Those are indeed some crazy dreams.

  12. Katherine - Yes, Willow does keep me working (struggling!). Thanks.

    Joanny - Ha! Thanks for your comment.

    Jane - Hmmm, I don't know about those words "ease and excellence" but wothehell, I'll accept it. Thank you!

    Angie - Crazy, indeed. Thanks!

  13. It was beautifully written

  14. haha. love it. this one made me a bit crazy as well...though easter helped, eggs and all. nicely done.

  15. Haha I'm right there with you! I'm wondering if I should recognize the scene and therefore understand the significance of it on the egg. Alas, my education lacked terribly in the classics.

  16. Steviewren - Don't feel bad - I didn't even realize it was an egg!

  17. Very nice thoughts there, Cat. Makes me want to read it over again.

  18. Oh I wondered about that scene and that bird. I like your articulting of the wonder.

  19. I'm with Stevie here, bemoaning my lack of education.
    This was a very thought-provoking piece. Not much sign of a struggle!!

  20. Have at it, Judy. I keep re-reading it and I'm still not sure I understand it!

    Jennifer - Wonder is the word!

    Peter - Aren't we all?

    Poetikat - Seems like a lot of us in this boat!

  21. Hmmmm, now that I look more closely---I'm terrified, too!
    Thanks, Catalyst, for your powers of observation.

  22. I read with admiration! Well done.


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