Thursday, April 22, 2010

We asked for this!

I had to drive into Prescott today. This is just a little of what I encountered. May I remind you that this is April 22nd and this is ARIZONA!

I encountered one woman who said "I want to know who ordered up this weather. I have friends visiting from Buffalo!"

My comment was "Might as well make them feel at home!"

I think it's payback from all the silly laws the state legislature has been passing. (see yesterday's posting.)


  1. We had several tornado warnings and a lot of hail near the mile high city yesterday. I was in the helicopter for awhile and flew over areas east of the city that were pure white. Severe weather season! And we've just begun

  2. Hey, Tim, nice to see you here. Yes, the weather is only going to get worse, I think.

  3. We were going to go to town yesterday also but changed our minds when the hail, snow, sleet and rain started. I just went out once to get the pictures I posted today.

  4. Kinda looks like home to me :)
    You sure you're in Arizona? ha ha

  5. i wud love to borrow that weather... :(

    Mumbai is on fire these days. its sooooooooooooooo hot

  6. Good grief! Who would have guessed.
    We had your State Legislature on our news here in Oz!

  7. I had to double check the date on this to make sure I didn't miss something!


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