Thursday, July 14, 2011

BLACKWELL . . . IS . . . BACK!

For those of you who have expressed concern about our Big Black Boy Cat, Blackwell, here's a photo I took on the patio this evening.

As you can see, he's back in the prime of life.  He had us pretty worried for awhile because he was acting just like our beloved Smoke was right before he left us.  But SWMBO began dosing him with some antibiotic the Humane Society had given us back when we had him neutered.  As it happened, he hadn't needed it back then.  But this time, it seemed like it was "what the doctor ordered."  He's back to eating and drinking as normal and has lots of energy.

Welcome back, Blackwell.


  1. great to hear Blackwell is doing better!

  2. Cats will do ANYTHING to get those antibiotics, won't they?

  3. Peace of mind for the weekend!

  4. Looks like those antibiotics came in handy. Glad he's feeling better!

  5. So glad to see Blackwell looking so fit and well.
    We 'lost' Morty for 3 days, I was worried sick. However I decided to ask next door had they seen him, and I heard him trapped in the garage. He came rushing out and even gave me a small smooch.

  6. Oh, that can be so scary. When we lived in Guadalajara, our house was around a patio open to the sky. Chulapay was our cat then and he climbed up and away. He was gone for two or three days and I went all round the neighborhood asking if anyone had seen him. Then he just appeared one day. Apparently he had been locked inside someone's storage shed and finally was released. But it was a great time of fear and dread for us.


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