Monday, October 10, 2011


I know, I know, I keep having these lapses in my blogging.  And I know when I don't post, there are millions out there who feel bereft. 


Maybe not millions. 

Maybe thousands.



O.K.  Two or three.

But, you see, as I have said many times before I live a very sedentary life these days.  I don't think you'd be interested in my trips to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions.

Or my now infrequent visits to the kitchen to try to cook something.

(However, I did make a foray there last night.  We had some leftover Kraft macaroni and cheese.  And several pieces of chicken that were cooked a few days ago.  So I had the idea to plate the mac and cheese and slice up the chicken fairly finely and arrange it over the m&c and heat it up in the microwave.  But I figured it might be pretty dry so I tried a trick I'd seen many fancy chefs use on the food channel.  I fried an egg, sunny side up, and placed it on top of everything else.  Y'know what?  It was pretty darn tasty!  But I don't think I'll send the recipe to Bon Appetit.)

So, any way.  I need something to blog about before I can bring myself to blog.  After several days of what we used to call in broadcasting "dead air", it arrived in an e-mail from the BRD this evening.

She said she'd brought the plants in for the winter and arranged them along with a couple of cat beds.  And she said it seemed to be kitty approved.  I agree.  Here's her photo.

On the top level, Lilly and Jet.  Underneath, Mister Taz.

The newcomer down below originally was called Taz, short for the Tasmanian Devil.  But of late the BRD says she's been calling him "Mister" more often.  So I have dubbed him Mister Taz.

Or, like most cats, maybe he just chose his own name.


  1. ha..Taz looks pretty devilish
    What bums...the lot of them
    We should have such a good life
    That sandwich sounds like one of my dads....

  2. BRD has some great looking cats. I figured you were skipping the blogs as you lamented the Dbacks season being over.

    Your inventive dish actually sounds decent!

  3. They look quite cozy in their new digs. Your meal actually sounds pretty good. Might have to give that one a try myself. ;)


  4. I HAD been wondering where you were :)

    That mac n cheese dish sounds great - we'll have to try it. Except we never have man n cheese leftovers...

    Love the cat arrangment - they sure look comfy!

  5. I wish Bella would sleep in a cat bed. She ignores it and sheds all over the furniture instead.
    Love the mac and cheese dish... :)

  6. Yum. I love mac cheese and also chicken and eggs. Love the pics of the cats. I should have called Morty Psycho, as he is so feisty!


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