Tuesday, November 22, 2011


There was something of a light show on the rocks in the Granite Dells yesterday afternoon.  As the sun peeped out of some angry clouds to the south, a shaft of light would illuminate sections of the rocks while the rest were dark.  Imagine an early prospector seeing this as a sign of where to look for riches.

And here's the sky filled with clouds that occasionally allowed a bit of light to peep through.

It looks promising for moisture but as far as I know only a bit of rain came down.  Nice view, though.


  1. The other week I was walking to my car in my work parking lot and it was RAINING and yet I needed my sunglasses - very bizarre!

    We always said that meant that the devil was beating his wife. I wonder why?

  2. I've always wondered why clouds are so fascinating. I've painted quite a few landscapes and they aren't as easy as one would think. It's just so easy to imbue them with our thoughts and fantasies

  3. The light can surely create some nice landscapes in the sky!

  4. When I was a kid I had a trampoline and I would spend what seemed like hours lying on it looking up, watching the clouds form into shapes, then blow apart and reform as some other shape. It was almost hypnotizing. Just like your photos. ;)


  5. We are currently having dark clouds and rain. Never get tired of looking at clouds.


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