Wednesday, December 21, 2011


As I (hardcore Democrat) said to SWMBO (very hardcore Democrat) this evening "Y'know we're gonna miss these crazy Republicans when this is all over!"  She responded "Yeah, we're gonna go into withdrawal."

We both mean "have you ever seen anything like this?"

Iowa, for example.  First it was Romney.  Then Bachman.  Then Perry came out of nowhere.  Then he faded and Newt Gingrich rose from the dead.  Then the voters caught on to him and Romney came back to life.  And today Ron Paul seems to be leading the pack.  I mean RON PAUL!  This guy is so far out on the limb the cartoonists ought to be drawing his eyes with little spirals in them.  The Iowa caucuses are now less than two weeks away.  If Ron Paul wins and he very well could because he apparently has the best organization in Iowa it will confirm one thing.  The political elites (and that's who decides these things at a caucus, it's not like a primary where people actually go to the polls and cast ballots) will have been realized as stark raving mad.  Ron Paul has as much chance of being the Republican candidate for president as I do.  So on we go.

One more thing.  The crazy people we the voters elected to the House two years ago.  I say "we" but I really wasn't part of it.  My candidate lost to a bizarre dentist from Flagstaff with weird hair.  Anyway, the new crop of Republicans in the House who won't support anything President Obama wants.  Their "leader" is John Boehner of Ohio, who ran after he noticed how much money the federal government was taking out of his paycheck and decided to do something about it.  But he may be the weakest Speaker of the House since Newt Gingrich.  And about the same kind.  Gingrich was famous for meeting with his caucus and deciding on an approach to a problem, then walking out to meet with the press and changing his mind 180 degrees by the time he started speaking.  Boehner's problem is that he decides to do something, like supporting the payroll deduction two month deal the Senate passed overwhelmingly, then meeting with his caucus and learning that the crackpot new Republicans won't go along with it so he goes back to the reporters with a 180 degree reversal of his position.

It's enough to drive you insane!  And, of course, make me do something I've tried to do less of.  Which is write a political screed like this and maybe piss off a bunch of you guys and gals.  So I'll stop right here, make another drink, and stew in my own juices for awhile.


  1. Didn't piss me off at all. Matter of fact, I was thinking about writing my own version of the same theme. And I agree, SOH John Boner is a #$%^& loon!


  2. Well, the three of us seem to be cut from the same cloth. I, also, try and avoid writing about politics but I couldn't agree more with what's written here. I can't wait until it's over and Obama gets his second term.

  3. Nah, you've got more than that! I loved the screed. And I know that you know politics and covered the goofiness for decades. I mean I was there at late night convention ramblings with you. Rave on brother!

    Oh yea, you are not the one going insane--there are some on the national stage who are already there--but it is time for some of us to start raving. Thanks for the lead.

  4. "It seems I have two friends."

    More actually... I was at a party last night and we argued (friendly!) over whether the wingnuts were more nuttier and dangerous back in the 2004 or now, with the clown show on full display for the primaries. I think back then was worse, but everyone else says it's worse now.

    At another lunch a few days back, a wingnut sage opined that Jan Brewer was a tremendously brave person... I said, I don't think so. And I wanted to know, was it not clear that she had achieved the staggering intelligence of a 6 year old? Crickets all around. No friends there.

  5. As I have said before, I'm with you! And my husband and I enjoyed reading your "political screed". If these people are the best they have, that is indeed a sad thing.

  6. Love this post! I couldn't agree more!

  7. Always enjoy your political stuff, nothing to fear here!

  8. Great post, I know it is like a circus but it is so unbelievable I am almost enjoying it. I have too much faith in the American people to ever vote one of these yahoos into the white house. I totally respect President Obama and his family.....:-)Hugs

  9. Amen! Apparently you are preaching to an entire choir (I'm the hesitant alto on the second row). Ha!

    P.S. Note, that while I read all of your lovely Christmas posts, THIS is the one I chose to comment on :)


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