Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Last week I told you my nephew, Barry Taylor, and his wife, Amy, had come to Arizona for a five day backpacking trip into the remoter areas of the Grand Canyon.  What they didn't know when they left 80 degree weather in St. Paul, Minnesota, was that Arizona had been hit with a freakish early spring snowstorm.  But armed with reservations at the Canyon and the foolhardiness bravery of youth, they set out.

You will notice there is snow everywhere.  Quite a bit of snow covering a narrow trail leading to the depths.  No room for any false moves.

But as one descends into the Canyon the climate changes, the temperature rises and the snow melts.

I didn't say the footing got any safer or easier.  But these two have hiked in Bolivia.  They have hiked into canyons in Death Valley where there were no trails.  I asked how they didn't get lost.  Barry said "topo maps."  And they didn't get lost this time, in spite of this.

As one goes deeper, the walls open somewhat.

And then they were down at the bottom.

Barry and Amy might say "just another walk in the park."  But I'll bet they slept well in that 4-pound-tent.

Since I moved to Arizona 40 years ago I have thought of hiking the Canyon.  But I put it off too long and now I'll just have to live vicariously through the adventures of my nephew and niece.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  2. This brings back many memories of my days of hiking in the canyon. It is a very special place indeed and we'll be going to visit in May, but no hiking.

  3. Spectacular pictures indeed!

    People often mistake Arizona of being a snow less state.

    I had a discussion...ok, a long-lasting argument with a friend about this. I advised that Flagstaff, AZ received more snowfall than Minneapolis.

    He didn't believe me then, he doesn't believe me now.

    It's been some time since I have been in Arizona, and I have never hiked in the GC.

    Perhaps one day I will.

    Thanks for sharing the story and great pics.

  4. I've never made it to the bottom of the Grand Canyon ,so I have to appreciate the effort of this intrepid couple.

  5. Did the Bright Angle when I was in my 20s, glad I did it, but won't be doing again.

  6. Such a "adventurous" Adventure!

  7. Wow! A grand adventure indeed. I'd LOVE to do that, but I'm afraid it might be a little too much for me. OK, a LOT too much.

    That last photo of the tent and the light on the mountains is incredible! :)


  8. What an adventure! Oh to be young again....

  9. Never say never. With some training, you could hike to the bottom and back, no problem.

  10. What great photos. I'm so glad they shared their adventure. I'm with you on the living vicariously. This sort of strenuous activity seems to be a thing of the past for me.

  11. I'm impressed! And glad they took pictures because I'll never be doing that :)

  12. Wow, what a trip. Thanks for posting it.

  13. A terrific adventure and great photos. Love that spirit and drive. That last shot is a classic!
    wish them many more happy miles on adventure trails.

  14. That is an adventure! I did the hike to the bottom and agree - it was amazing but I wouldn't want to do it again.


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