Saturday, July 7, 2012


The Rolling Stones are always good for some hip-shakin' music on a quiet Saturday.  But check out the stunning Lisa Fischer, trading riffs with Mick on this live version of Gimme Shelter.

By the way, think 11 and 22.  I just noticed this is my 1,122nd post here on Oddball.  Thanks for following along.


  1. Congratulations on 1,122 posts. I haven't reached two hundred yet. Say, why don't you remind those of us who don't know why you're a.k.a. Catalyst?

  2. Stephen - When I first started blogging, I chose the name "Catalyst" because I thought of my blog as a way to stir things up, to cause things to happen, maybe to change minds. And I wanted to be anonymous. After a few years . . and after Willow of Willow Manor revealed her real name was Tess . . I figured I'd come out of the closet too, so to speak. But for old times sake, I didn't want to give up Catalyst so I became known as Bruce Taylor, a.k.a. (also known as) Catalyst.

    Short question . . long answer.

    Tom - Thanks, brah. (Oops, I've been watching Treme.)

  3. That's a long video, but well worth. The Stones still rock. Hang around for another thousand posts. Good on you.


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