Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Hmm, I wonder if that week we spent in California had an influence on SWMBO?  As I have noted, we are moving to Phoenix in the next month or two and yesterday she was out looking at furniture.  So what did she find to replace our small dining table and chairs?

This Mission style table and six chairs.  It also has two leaves which expands its length by another 19 inches.

I love the architecture of its style and the chairs are ultra-comfortable with backs that seem to echo the shape of a human back.

Kinda neat, isn't it?  

The construction sort of resembles the wings in today's Gratuitous Critters picture.  [Just when you thought (hoped) I'd run out of those pictures!]


  1. Oh wow - I LOVE that set! I tend toward mission style furniture myself :)

  2. Ethan Allen? We had one very similar, but sold it when we downsized. It looks extremely comfortable. Enjoy!


  3. SWMBO'S has excellent taste. But then she's married to you so that's obvious.

  4. SWMBO hit it out of the park. Gorgeous new furniture.

  5. Interesting variation on the Mission Style, which, though wonderful to look at, isn't all that comfortable. That old craftsman/mission style in furniture and architecture is hard to beat visually, though.

  6. Sounds like you have a place picked out.


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