Sunday, April 7, 2013


Today marks the anniversary of the day SWMBO and I were married.  42 years ago!  Here are some pictures of the changing couple over the years.

It wasn't really that long ago.  This picture just makes it look that way.

The disco days.  Or daze.  Who on earth could wear that much madras?

From an era of film cameras.  35 millimeter.  Looks like it could have been shot in Golden Gate Park during the Summer of Love.  But it was actually in Scottsdale some years later.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.  Waiting for a train.  To rob.

In Guadalajara, Mexico.  During our FIRST retirement.

Back in the U.S. of A.  Running our bookstore in Arizona.  BOOKENDS, by name.

Dagnab it!  The hair and the beard are showing the ages.

Just a few months ago.  Showing our elder years but still wearing the colors.

It's been an interesting and amazing 42 years.  From Indianapolis to Phoenix to Mexico to Texas to Arizona and now, finally, back to Phoenix, which we left 26 years ago.  But the Phoenix we returned to is vastly larger and different from the one in which we used to live.  And many of our friends have departed this Earth.  Meanwhile, we plug on, with our years and our aches and our pains.  Anniversary #43?  We're headed your way.


  1. Happy Anniversary! It has been our joy to have known you since the beginning of your couplehood!

    BTW-you are still a great looking duo. It was wonderful to see your evolution over the 42 years.

  2. I think the two of you are have held up well over the years. 42 years is quite an achievement. Mrs, C. and I will hit 40 next year. Happy Anniversary.

  3. Good on both of you. May your cups overflow with joy and goodness.

  4. Happy Happy Anniversary to both of you... it's like "terra incognita" once we move back to a place we knew from years ago. That's what I am experiencing right now. Having to learn one more time about Life makes us feel like kids. The only difference is the aging skin... :-)

  5. Happy Anniversary to you!
    How did you ever convince that beautiful lady to marry you?

  6. Congratulations - you both look great!

    P.S. I love the pic with SWMBO's head scarf - I would love to wear one of those but mine never look right.

  7. Congratulations on the anniversary. I love all the photos you've posted, you two make a beautiful couple.

  8. Happy Anniversary! Great series of pictures of you two.

  9. Lord, that's scary. My bride and I have a similar long history, but I'm a little afraid to lay the comparison photos side by side.


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