Monday, April 15, 2013


Taken the other night from my back yard in Phoenix.  But I've doctored it a bit to darken the sky.

A smiley face moon?

An Arabian moon?

A rip in the fabric of space?


Just a new moon.

But at least one guy thinks it's important.  His name is Steve Judd and he's a self-taught astrologer living in Bath, England.

Gobbledegook, maybe, but with his delivery and accent, I could almost believe him.

Have a good month.


  1. I always like: a fingernail of moon.

  2. Nice moon - definitely "smiley face."

    LOL at the self-taught astrologer. It's true - with a British accent, you can make anything sound intelligent. My former boss used to take full advantage of that...

    I do like his last line: Today is the day for throwing fishing lines into the future. I might have to borrow that.

  3. There's a moon in the sky like a big pizza pie. That's Amore. Thanks Dean. Thabks Bruce.


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