Friday, June 21, 2013


The day that Albert Einstein feared has finally arrived.

A day at the beach

Cheering on your team

Having dinner out with friends

A romantic first date

Talking with your BFF

A visit to the museum

And they can vote!!!


  1. And none of those photo subjects would have been difficult to find in any city, sadly. So much of Albert's pronouncements have been accurate. :-(

  2. That hits the nail on the head.

  3. I read somewhere and I wholeheartedly agree: Wouldn't it be great if doorbells rang more than cell phones. We're losing the ability to interact with each other.

  4. Tell me again the down side to solar flares frying all the cell phone towers?

  5. OMG this is so true. I just spent a weekend with friends and you can imagine how many times the cell phones were out at restaurants. Love this post.

  6. I love this quote! I hate that it is so true.

  7. I notice this sad phenomenon every time I step out the door. Eyes are down, everywhere, staring at little hand-held screens. Sometimes I wish I had the nerve to shout: "Wake up! Look around! Look at the real world, the real people, listen to the real sounds!"
    But no,the screens will get ever more sophisticated, more 3-D, and in another generation or so, maybe the real world will have vanished altogether while everyone is plugged into some technological reality-substitute.

  8. You seem to be quite optimistic!

  9. I'm thinking it will all be plugged into our brains at birth and we will never ever need to communicate face to face again. Perhaps our ears and mouths will be eliminated in some future race. Optimistic? Well I think it will outlive me!


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