Saturday, July 6, 2013


We ain't in the tropics and our trip to a place billed as a Tiki Bar proved it this week.  'Course it may have been because we were there in broad daylight and the huge windows were open to a lot of light.  But SWMBO described the place as tacky and I had to agree.  It wasn't Don the Beachcomber's or Trader Vic's by any stretch of the imagination.  But the drinks were tasty on a hot day in Phoenix.

Mine (on the left) was described as a Blood Orange Martini and was concocted of vodka, blood orange liqueur, orange juice and cranberry.  SWMBO went for a drink of let's say many years ago, the Zombie, comprising cruzan rum, passion fruit, pineapple and lime juice, and dark rum.

One each was enough for we dodderers.


  1. In another life you must have been a beachcomber or an original Tiki bar patron..normally I'm not given over to froo froo drinks (they spoil the liquor) but those you post look inviting.
    ps-and of course you must endeavor to stay cool in the Phoenix heat...

    1. Yikes! There's a Trader Vic's just 229 miles north of you in Emergyville! You have a plethora of riches to choose from!

    2. Our friend Tim and I once spent an entertaining evening at Don the Beachcomber's in Marina del Rey. Alas, it is no longer there but there is one in Huntington Beach, just 250 miles south of you!

  2. i have wNted to put a tikibar on my porch for two years now.

  3. I was just reading about Don the Beachcomber. At a restaurant he owned in Honolulu, every night it would begin raining on the corrugated metal roof over the bar. That was due to a garden hose he had carefully placed, acting on a belief that if it was raining the drinkers would order another round, rather than venture out into a downpour before heading home.

    So, don't forget the hose!

  4. Now you have me thinking about martinis and rum drinks and it isn't even 7:00 AM yet. I think I better eat some toast first.

  5. I'm just now developing a taste for margaritas. I prefer my adult beverages neat, but those do look like they would be welcome on a hot AZ day.



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