Monday, April 7, 2014


On our visit to Wickenburg, we encountered this old train engine and caboose near the railroad tracks.  No longer in service except for museum-type encounters, I'd imagine.

Did you pick up the railroad?  Here's a broad hint.

Next on our road trip - a surprise encounter in Skull Valley.  Stay tuned.


  1. I marvel at trains old or new but they are not something I like visiting. I remember these two hours spent at the AZ Railway museum as part of a college assignment... it had not been my favorite + we had to go back to see what we could improve... :-)
    Riding the Trans-Siberian would be another matter...

  2. I have always loved trains, but....... Perhaps it's a result of my advancing years, and the growing precious-ness of my life (at least to me and mine) but speeds are beginning to make me just a little uncomfortable. The world record is >350mph (held by the SNCF); and the size of the flange that stops the train jumping the rails is a few mere inches. And trains don't have wings! Best not think about it. Lovely pictures and video clip though.

  3. I've only ridden a train twice: Once when I was kid, from St. Louis to Dallas, and once when our YMCA group took our kids on a ride from Dallas to Ft. Worth. ( I think the dads were more impressed with it than the kids were.) That looks like a fun thing to see and photograph.


  4. Enjoying the journey with you. Thanks for the nice posts.

  5. I think Arlo Guthrie said it best when he called these trains "Our fathers' magic carpets made of steel."

  6. Oh good, I can't wait for the surprise in Skull Valley. That is such and interesting place and I love to poke around in the general store there.


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