Tuesday, August 5, 2014



  1. That's amazing! I wonder if this can be done with one of those chocolate fountains.

  2. There is an old saying that architecture is frozen music but this is a new saying: water is moving music.

  3. Appears to be science....sound waves, measured in Hz, can move things, that's established. We use sound waves to reduce gallstones to dust without making a cut, one can literaly 'feel' sound, bouncing off one's body, if you've ever been to a rock concert.
    But guiding a column of water to rather exact poportions, and moving said column around, borders on black magic. And it sort of is......
    This has been covered in other places on the thing stands out: this is not what one sees if they are there, observing by watching. It only becomes apparent when recorded on video at a certain frequency, linked to the film speed. It's not what one sees if one is watching as it happens.
    So sorta black magic, but a scientific magic.

  4. Fascinating. But what did the cat think of it?


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