Monday, January 12, 2015


All right, folks, here it comes.  

The 7th and (to paraphrase what Tina and Amy said on the Golden Globes last night) the last photo of The Beard.  

It has reached a point where I don't feel further progress reports are necessary.

And just to satisfy all those thousands of you who have been begging me for a smile . . .

Kind of looks more like a grimace to me.

Like someone who has just eaten something he didn't like the taste of but is trying to make his hostess happy.

And for those of you without instant recall, here's how this whole thing started out.

Your very own Catalyst on December 1st, contemplating growing his beard out.

Thanks for watching!


  1. Now it looks good! That first scraggly looking thing, not so much.

  2. Yes, the smile really does it I think.

  3. You look like a Viking chieftain. I mean that as a compliment.

  4. You are looking like a wise Norse poet!

  5. You look like a different person with a smile, seriously.

  6. Let's see . . . a Viking chieftain, a wise Norse poet. Susie, I guess you're right!

  7. The beard suits you, don't shave it off!
    Happy new Year Viking Poetic Santa Claus!

  8. There is a bit of "jolly ole' St. Nick" in that smile too!

  9. Even so, the smile is much better. It didn't take all that long to grow out the beard.

  10. It really does suit. Oddly, you also seem to have acquired more hair on the top of your head. What have you been rubbing in to promote all this luxuriant growth?


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