Sunday, January 4, 2015


Here are a couple of the famous Victorian houses dating back to Prescott's early days.

This one was built by Henry Goldwater, an uncle of the late Senator Barry Goldwater.  He came to Prescott from Yuma, married a school teacher who raised money from the Carnegie's and local residents for the town's first library, ran a cigar store on Whiskey Row and worked with his brothers in their eponymous store just down the hill from this house.  He was also somewhat of an inventor but he moved on, to California.

The house is now a vacational rental.


  1. Both look beautifully preserved, but I'd have thought the original colors would have been brighter.

  2. I remember a couple of beautiful Victorian Homes in Prescott, they were all on the same street whose name I can't remember.
    This one is nice.

    1. The main street for the Victorians is Mount Vernon but these were on Union Street.


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