Thursday, April 2, 2015

ThrowBack Thursday

SWMBO made a joke once about how I would never leave the beach until the sun went down. During our days in Mexico (1987-1991) we went to the Pacific coast as often as I could convince Judy that it was important to do so. In the early days we liked Puerto Vallarta. Later we discovered the tiny very Mexican (except for an expatriate group of gay men from the states) community of Cuyutlán, south of Manzanillo. I can remember coming over a slight rise in the road heading to the beach and seeing a car with Texas license plates. I looked at Judy and said "there goes the neighborhood." We spent many happy times in Cuyutlán over the years.

But this post is about earlier times. In Puerto Vallarta. It was and is full of American tourists but one could still enjoy a sunset, drink in hand, on the beach. Judy caught me just after the sun had gone down, in tropical costume, barefoot and ready to party.

Those were the days!  ¡Viva México!


  1. Looks like good times.

    Also somehow brings back memories of Foster Brooks.

  2. He still has that shirt!!!


    1. Surprisingly, he still has SWMBO too!

    2. Ha! You two :)

      Love the shirt!

  3. Nice shirt indeed, I do believe I had the very same pattern. Excellent taste, my man.

  4. Once a party animal, always a party animal.

  5. I can almost hear Margaritaville in the background.

  6. Have you been back since? It must have changed dramatically.


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