Tuesday, February 23, 2016


I don't know about you but all of this Tuesday Traveling in my virtual world has worn me out.

Oh, all right.

I can hear the cries of dismay from the (my) electorate.

So here I am visiting the Grand Canyon of my adopted home state, the state I have lived in more than any other including my birth state.*

At first glance you may have thought I was holding the Royal Scepter.

Or perhaps a telescope.

I think it was a rolled poster, the subject of which I have no memory whatsoever.

That's what all this incessant traveling has done to me.

* - North Dakota: 28 years; South Dakota: 1 year; Indiana: 3 years; Texas: 2 years; Jalisco, Mexico: 4 years; Arizona: 38 years (and counting!)

This is intended for a cousin of mine in North Dakota, who whenever I speak to her asks "when are you coming home?"

My response has always been "I am home."


  1. Man oh man, I've heard that "coming home question" too many times and have used the same answer as you use.

  2. Love this! "I am home". Rick just asked me last night how long you lived in Mexico. I've lived in Michigan the most years, but Chicago 4 years, Vancouver 2 years, Colorado 1 year and Arizona 13 years. Who knows what is next?

  3. Great picture of you. When I first visited the Grand Canyon I was amazed at how well it lived up to its reputation.

  4. I was sure it was a telescope

  5. Home is where the heart is.


  6. I think of you as an Arizonan or Arizonian. Still have trouble picturing you as a Dakotan.

  7. When I was around my kinfolk their question to me was 'when I was going to get a real job'. The only thing they felt counted was either working in the woods or the mills.

  8. That is a grand picture. And yes, I would have thought that you were holding a spyglass.

  9. I'm probably biased but, I do think you've picked a fine state to call home.

  10. I've lived in Ohio for almost 20 years, so I have a few more to go to beat NC:

    NC: 31.5 years
    Zambia: 1.5 years
    Ohio: 19 years


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