Sunday, March 6, 2016


Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning reportedly has told his team management that he is retiring and the formal announcement will come tomorrow.

He leaves as a champion, having won the 50th Super Bowl earlier this year.

Another passage today - Nancy Reagan died at the age of 94.

She was known for her love of the color red and for the adoring gazes she kept on her husband, the late President Ronald Reagan.

The years took a toll on Mrs. Reagan, as they do on all of us.

This photograph was taken on her 94th birthday, last July.

And finally, there's New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who condemned Donald Trump as not fit for the job of President before he dropped out of the race and endorsed him.

So it goes.


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  2. I think that the Mannings are a class act. Hope nothing comes of the allegations against Payton! Nancy Reagon: Time marches on; may she rest in peace. The GOP campaign would be hilarious if it wasn't so important!

  3. Because of a special waiver given for burials on private property here in Ventura County, Nancy will rest forever, most likely on her side, gazing forever on her beloved
    Ronnie on the front veranda of the Fantasy Land north, I mean the Reagan Library.

  4. Ambassador to New Foundland (Two obnoxious blowhards together in one room is too hard to fathom)....

  5. So much for the rumor that Peyton would sign with the Rams for their return to LA this fall...

  6. Peyton was clearly one of the greatest to play in the NFL. He may well have been the smartest, certainly the smartest and hardworking QB. He'd make a great analyst and I think he'd make a great coach. He is in the leagues aristocracy.

  7. I remember Archie more than Payton, sounds like he didn't stay too long at the party.

  8. I never liked the star gazer Nancy, Ronnie was okay.

  9. If his career were two decades earlier, we'd consider him a top candidate for Athlete of The Century. And he is really funny


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