Tuesday, June 14, 2016


As the old song goes . . "Don't get around much any more."

But I did voyage the 8 miles into Prescott on Saturday to visit (among other things) the Territorial Days Arts and Crafts Fair.

It included a trip back in time to the days of tie-dye.

Still popular it seems.

There were tchotchkes of all kinds on view and for sale.

And some fine art, like this pottery from Mata Ortiz, in Chihuahua, Mexico.

As I told one lady visiting from Tucson, there is an event on the Courthouse Square nearly every weekend all summer long.

As you can see in the background of the next photo, its big trees and grassy lawn make it a great place to relax throughout the hot season and, perhaps, just listen to some music from the Yavapai Brass Quintet.


  1. When visiting such events I wonder about those folks who are on the circuit, setting up their stands and traveling every week. I presume they must enjoy that lifestyle, though it seems it would be a bit fatiguing. We have friends who are ceramicists and who used to travel all the time. They are now ensconced in a lovely gallery here in Cambria. They do about 4 or 5 major events a year and Lois says that is enough. Didn't you and SWMBO do a bit of that when you were in the book business?

    1. We went to a swap meet in Flagstaff several weekends in a row buying books. And we would go visit estate sales or homes to which we had been invited to look at books once the store was up and running. But not to festivals to sell books.

  2. I like that metal cowgirl. But what is that thing in the foreground, a guitar-playing pickle?

    1. Could be the guitar player and lead singer from the Canadian band Pickleback.

  3. Looks like a fine event with fun things to see and do.

  4. I envy you enjoying the local events. Loved those pots! $$$$$

  5. Enjoyed the post and photos.



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