Tuesday, December 20, 2016


The robins were back again yesterday.

First this big fella, who kind of seemed like The Leader of the Pack.

Then this slightly smaller one, perhaps a female.

And, perhaps, her mate?

One drinks while the other watches for marauders.

Then the other takes his turn.

Then apparently satisfied that no peril is near they both drink as much as they can hold.

One has flown away but the other apparently has something else in mind.

Ah, nothing like a nice cool bath even though the air temperature was right around 30 degrees.

I noticed this time a curious trait.

The bird would sit in the water and flick the water up and around with his tail.

And he seemed to be saying "Are you lookin' at me? Well, are ya?"

Of course that could just be my poetic imagination.

I was so disgusted with the smears on the window inside and out that once the robins left I went out and washed the outside and wiped off the inside.

The spots on the inside, SWMBO helpfully pointed out, were probably "kitty snot".

Thanks, I needed that.


  1. Very nice pictorial story, well done, kitty snot and all. Seems a bit too cool for robins, they better go south a little more before that bath is a skating rink.

    1. We have it heated with a light bulb so it won't freeze, Joe.

  2. Amazed that you have robins in the winter. They must have started far north and when they got to the AZ state line figured they were in the south west.

    1. I know. We're both amazed by their presence in the (relatively) cold weather, too.

  3. Birds bathing are just the most hilarious things. I could watch them all day (well, maybe not ALL day...).

  4. That might have been kitty DROOL on the window.

  5. You bring us close enough to the action to feel the splash of water.

  6. Our windows all have cat-nose-prints. Eleanor licks the condensation, with evident enjoyment, then gets to look out a clear window.

  7. Your robins are so much bigger than ours, I wonder if their songs are louder compared to the ones here?

  8. What a great view you have. One of the things I love doing when I walk around the Desert Botanical Garden is watch the birds in the different fountains and pools.


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