Saturday, January 13, 2018


Yet another visitor arrived at our bird bath yesterday.

This guy has been around before but this is the first time I'd seen him stop for a drink.

Taking his cue from Old Yellow he used the back of the Blue Cat to hoist himself up.

Those piercing yellow eyes have a wary look and he is nervous around humans.

I came out into the garage later yesterday when the outer door was up and he ran out and across the street to an open lot where he scared up a Roadrunner.

I tried calling him but he wasn't having any.

I think you can see from the next picture why I've named him Panther.

Once he satisfied himself that I was no threat from inside the house he perambulated around the yard before stopping for one last drink before departing.


  1. Replies
    1. Possibly though he stays in this neighborhood as if he belongs to somebody.

  2. I think the previous resident may have been feeding cats in the yard . . .

  3. What a cutie. My family had a black cat looking quite like this one. She was very skittish around strangers.

  4. Beautiful visitor. Our birdbath attracts a new neighborhood cats but the Blue Jays drive them away while the crows chuckle in the trees.

    I read from your profile that you owned a book store for a bit. How I envy you.

    1. It was good most of the time but it had bitter moments. Believe me, it's not like it is in the movies.

  5. Panther must be an intelligent cat as well since he can perambulate.

  6. He's a healthy specimen. I would have liked to see the roadrunner. I know it's not the cartoon BEEP BEEP kind, but we don't have them around here.

  7. Funny that he's standing on the cat statue! He DOES look very pantherish. As long as he's just drinking water and not eating birds in the bird-bath...

  8. I must admit that when I saw the first picture I thought a black bear had entered your yard. I was worried for your well-being until I scrolled down and saw it was a handsome black cat.

  9. Oh, what a beauty. Since he looks so fat and sleek, and his ear isn't clipped, and his face isn't beat up, and it's narrow (unaltered males tend to get fat faces), I deduce that he (she?) is a house cat with roaming privileges. I have a black cat who stays indoors, and she's my domestic panther.


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