Thursday, November 12, 2009

So...I'm picky!

Jazz is very particular about her water dish. She wants it freshened every day. But when it's fresh, there are a bit of foggy bits rolling around in it. So Jazz hunkers down over it and watches it until the water is clear. Then, and only then, can she drink. And drink. And drink.

Cats are so good to live with. They can teach us so much.


  1. No doubt, cats are most fastidious!

  2. My cat is weird. Weird in a good way, but weird all the same. She likes to drink from a cup or glass - she sees us do it and she doesn't see why she shouldn't do it too! We have to be sure not to leave our drinks around where she can jump up or she'll be there lapping away! x

  3. Meggie and Kitty - We have a couple of friends who have cats that drink out of their paws, not lapping at the water dish but actually picking up a dab of water repeatedly and taking it to their mouths. Strange!


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