Sunday, June 12, 2011


SWMBO has been away for a few days.  The BRD has been gone for a few days so SWMBO has been house- and cat-sitting for her.  Which left me at home with our three cats.  We got along all right but Muggles is definitely SWMBO's cat and she let me know it the last two days.  She would come into my den and cry and cry.  I would tell her that her mistress would be home in a day, and then I'd tell her she'd be home tonight.

So tonight when she came home, she was suddenly surrounded by all three cats . . . all of whom seemed to be saying "YOU CAME BACK . . . YOU REALLY CAME BACK!"

But Muggles was the most happy and she lay as close as possible, draped over the end of the couch, happy again.

Meantime, the big black boy cat, Blackwell, has finally discovered a way to get out of the back yard.  He found he can leap up to the top of the wall up by the gate and mince along the top of the fence and achieve freedom.

So after two evenings of that, I refused to let him out of the house.  Does this picture (through a screen door) appear to show a cat trying to shame me into letting him out?

Well, he can just wait.  SWMBO says I have to get him a harness and one of those 20 foot leashes with a button that pulls him back.

He'll just LOVE that.


  1. it looks like he is giving you the evil eye(s)-

  2. I think if you do the leash thing you'll have to take a video. Really, the interwebs need to see this :)

  3. TC - True!

    Dana - I have seen cats being walked but I'm not sure how Blackwell will take to it.

    Steve - Also true!

  4. Thanks, Deborah.

    Oh, c'mon Carol, he still loves me!

  5. I see cats with their leash tangled in trees too and owners climbing in the trees to try and unleash them... I don't know if you would like it!

  6. Blackwell is not allowed to climb trees, leashed or otherwise!

  7. You certainly have an obedient cat!

  8. Yes, T, but that's "obedient cats."


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