Saturday, September 29, 2012


I took a drive into Prescott today to take a look at the Corvette show at the courthouse plaza.  There were hundreds of the cars parked on three sides of the plaza.

There were cars of just about every color known to man.

And some colors that were special mixes, like the purple and yellow combination on this replica of a 1998 Indianapolis 500 pace car.

And speaking of the Indy 500, there were some other cars on hand, like this 2012 Indy race car.

I used to work in Indianapolis so I've seen lots of race cars but I'm always struck by the tires.  I think they're called racing slicks.  No tread at all.

There also were a couple of relics from my era - like this one from 1949.

And the always beloved 57 Chevvy.

But today the Corvette was king.

The engine on this one stood up so high a specially designed hood had to be designed for it.

Although red seemed to be the most popular color I must say I was partial to the yellow ones.

Of as much interest to me as the cars were the clever personalized license plates their owners came up with.

So with that thought - I'm quicker - and the roar of hundreds of mighty engines, we say goodbye once again to Corvette-land.


  1. lots of cool shots of cool cars!

  2. Beautiful cars. I wouldn't want the responsibility of owning one but I sure can admire them.

  3. Nice shots. Some beautiful machines there.
    I also liked the Stingray logo close up with the photog looking in.

  4. AWESOME! What an impressive group of Vette's. The one with the 3 shifters on the floor? Someone educate me.


  5. Scott - That one was the one with the engine block that stuck up above the hood. Its seats were also low, right on the floor. I'm thinking it was some kind of racing machine which might explain the multiple shifters but I don't know for sure.

  6. RATS!!We missed it! Why didn't you tell us? Well, at least you showed us some nice pictures of the event.

  7. Sorry, Judy. I keep thinking we'll run across each other at some event, both of us with cameras in our hands.

  8. Corvettes are not my thing but I sure like their palette of colors: one of our senior neighbor had a pink one and it was fun seeing him driving it.

  9. Oh, my, a pink Corvette! I'd keep an eye on him. :)


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