Tuesday, May 27, 2014


We have a couple of new tenants with more on the way.

We watched a male and female finch build this nest atop a pillar under our front porch a week or so ago.  Once it was built, they disappeared. I thought they'd abandoned it.  But SWMBO consulted her bird books and the Almighty Google and then said that they were "on their honeymoon."  Apparently they leave for a couple of days to feed and mate.

And she was right.  After about 48 hours the the female returned to the nest several times for a period of time, apparently laying her eggs. Now she's been perched on the nest continuously for most of a week.

SWMBO says it may be another week before the eggs hatch.

I keep watching.


  1. Those will be interesting neighbors. Keep us posted.

  2. I guess you have to stay off the porch for a while.

    1. Actually, they're pretty calm about us but we are pretty much keeping our distance.

  3. It will be fun watching this bird family grow.

  4. The cycle of life is pretty amazing.


  5. Oh how fun to have this little family setting up house at your house.
    To answer your question about Chihuly, yes they all appeared to be from his team. Several of them had T-shirts on that said "Team Chihuly".


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