Saturday, June 18, 2016


Last Saturday I visited one of Prescott's many summer festivals on the Square.

I always stroll by the several food booths at these affairs to see what's new.

This was one I'd never seen before.

Up from the Old Pueblo (Tucson) an Oriental stand selling steamed buns, stuffed with a variety of fillings.

It was enjoying quite a bit of popularity.

I can never resist photographing this stand, not because I like tamales (I don't) but because of the great name.

This weekend the temperature is forecast to climb over 100 degrees with daily highs near or above the century mark for the next week at least.

Just in time this weekend there is a Monsoon Festival at the square with a two-block long water slide to take up the attention of young and old alike.


  1. Now I am envisioning a t-shirt like those for "Steamed Vegetables," but with some frowning buttocks as the graphic.

  2. We damn near got to 75 today before the pm thunderstorm moved in. Dropped 20 degrees, hailed, rock and rolled for an hour, now it's back to the mid-sixties. Summer in the Rockies. Those are the same thing, writ larger, that are called Dim Sum in resturants, yes?


  3. You don't like tamales? Yum, especially home made ones.

  4. But is her name really Molly?

  5. It got to around 100 here in Hosuton today, and there was talk that Phoenix wiould see several degrees higher than that. No festivals for me for a while.

  6. Surprised you don't like tamales.

  7. Good golly tamales!

    I'm not a big fan of them, either. But I love a good steamed bun. Red bean paste or egg especially.


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