Monday, April 17, 2017


We were surprised this week with an impromptu dinner invitation for Easter Sunday from our friends, Lori and Rick Down the Block.

They took pity on us after I mentioned in an email that my beloved SWMBO was just barely speaking to me.

(Moving is hell!)

And we leaped at the opportunity for a free meal and a day away from our troubles.

This is our hostess, the Legendary Lori from Down the Block.

And her husband, Rick, who was the Chef for the day.

After consuming baked ham, multi-colored (including purple) potatoes, veggies, bread, an awful lot of wine and a delicious lemon cake that Lori spent hours (picking out at Costco) preparing and we repaired to their front patio to watch hummingbirds, drink more (!) wine and chat.

I caught Rick, hands clasped in prayer, delivering his Easter sermon.

Actually he was overcome with laughter at one of my typically hilarious anecdotes.

Good friends.

It's what life is all about.


  1. At least a break from ...UGH...moving!

  2. Glad you were able to set aside your moving woes to enjoy food and conversation with friends.

  3. Is it possible that Rick shops at the same store where you got your state-line-crossing short shorts?

  4. A good time for all.


  5. What a good time! Friendship is everything.

  6. You are so right about the "good friends" comment. I cooked dinner for my close friend David on Friday night, went to a dinner party at the parental home of another friend Saturday night and then had Easter lunch/dinner with my good friends Julie and David and a few others on Sunday. I simply ate my way through the whole weekend.
    I also agree with you about moving. Pure hell!!

  7. Absolutely! Glad you could escape your moving woes for some well-earned vino and laughter!

  8. It sounds like you enjoyed yourselves.

  9. There's nothing like sharing a meal, wine, and funny stories with friends. Especially if some of the funny stories involve you! :)

  10. Our Easter meal was decidedly less eventful.


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