Tuesday, April 21, 2015


That really is a word, or sort of one. It's formed by combining Science with Technology with Festival. Sci Tech Fest. It took place last Saturday at the Prescott Gateway Mall.

The mall was filled with exhibits displayed by various schools, from elementary all the way up to Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

Just look at the expression on that young budding scientist's face at the left.

Another young fellow was manipulating a robot device to pick up pencils from the tabletop.

There were airplanes . . .

and drones . . .

and microscopes. (Which attracted an older science aficionado.)

Outside the local astronomy club had an exhibit of a number of telescopes.

But for me the highlight of the day were the creatures from the Heritage Park Zoo.

This little hedgehog was said to be shy and he rarely showed his face but he was still fascinating.

One young man carefully cradled what he identified as a Blue Tongued Skink.

Posing royally atop his perch was an American Kestrel, sometimes referred to as a sparrow hawk.

But the Google tells me he's actually a small falcon, the only one found in the Americas.

He let out a piercing shriek when a young fellow showing me a gopher snake got too close for comfort.

Or maybe he was just expressing his appreciation of the SciTechFest.