Friday, January 15, 2010

Back, back, back . . .

I thought I'd take a trip way back into the past today. These photos were taken somewhere in the middle 1960's when I was a news director at a television station in Bismarck, North Dakota. The event was a small going-away party for an employee, John Warren, who was leaving to become my competitor at another t.v. station in town. I'm the guy on the right, by the way.

One more photo which shows your scribe at the left.

There are several things to note in these photos.

#1 - I was about a hundred pounds lighter than I am today and v-e-r-y slender (to put it nicely) or skinny (to put a more accurate note on it.)

#2 - I was wearing a necktie, something I haven't done for close to 35 years.

#3 - My pants were too short. We used to call them high-water pants.

#4 - In neither photo am I without a cigarette, something that has been absent from my persona now for more than 18 years. (I feel better though I never had any health problems from the butts that I knew of.)

#5 - And I just thought of another one: I am beardless, which has not been the case except for a few very brief lapses of sanity for nearly 40 years!

How the years do change us!

And how they affect our memory. Steve pointed out (see comments below) that those pictures looked familiar and he thought I had posted them before. He is correct! I looked back in the archives and found a similar post with the same photos only last November. Ye-Gods! Please forgive the repetition.


  1. Theis might have been a previous post on one of your previous blogs. I think it looks familiar.

  2. This, this, this, is what my fingers were supposed to type.

  3. Well, you know what they say, the mind is always the first thing to go! (I'm referring to my posting, not to your typing!)

  4. Cat, it was worth a second post. I enjoyed it as much as the first time. My mind and my fingers don't always cooperate.

  5. High-water pants aren't in anymore???

    uh oh.

  6. My wife was just telling my son that I weighed 130 pounds when we got married. He thought that was funny since I'm 215 now.

    I blame that on not smoking.

  7. Colonel - Sorry.

    Mike - Precisely.

  8. Ha!
    "Every one has a photographic memory, some just don't have film."
    (that little quote is about as dated as your pictures!;)

  9. I'm waiting for your NFL post.

  10. I recognized the pics too- glad I was not going mad!
    On one of my many attempts to give up smoking, before my final success, I told my GP I would rather be a skinny smoker than a fat non-smoker! Ah, the vanity of youth!


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