Monday, September 16, 2013


Last Friday I mentioned that a new Sprouts store would soon be coming to Prescott Valley, where I used to live.  I had never been in one and took someone else's word that it was similar to a Trader Joe's store.  One of my commenters told me today that she didn't think that was accurate.  As it happened I visited a Sprouts store in Chandler today and must confirm that the commenter was correct.  The stores are not much alike at all.  The store I visited today was much larger than the typical Trader Joe's and features a wide variety of organic food, including many barrels of bulk items.  But both stores are great, in my opinion, and the Prescott Valley area will be lucky to have them.

Now a little late summer color from the yard.


  1. I'm familiar with Trader Joe's but not Sprouts. I do like buying things in bulk.

  2. Not similar at all but both worth the trip! :-) Excellent home made sandwiches too at Sprout's...

  3. Fan palms and bougainvilleas can be treated with the same gloves :-)

    Excellent shot for your new banner!

  4. Sprouts! Can't wait!
    You have some nice bloomers in the yard.

    I don't have the expensive Photoshop. I have Photoshop Elements. It sells for eighty bucks at Costco. Still a bit pricey but worth it if you enjoy that sort of thing.

  5. We have Sprouts here, and frankly, it didn't make my short list. TJ's is head and shoulders above.



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