Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I WONDER . . .

I was out roving around recently and took a picture at a restaurant in the Entertainment District.

It was of a replica of some of our former presidents.

I was just looking at it and noticed something.

Washington and Jefferson seem to be smiling, Roosevelt seems to have a wondering look on his face and Lincoln looks typically grave.

I compared the picture with one of the real Mount Rushmore.

Teddy looks about the same and Lincoln looks even less grave but I don't see those silly grins on Washington and Jefferson.

Maybe the newer representation shows their amusement at the current political shenanigans.

(Only 13 days to go, folks.)


  1. That's funny, I would never have noticed, that's why you were a reporter.

  2. I think pretty much every deceased president (and the living ones) would have the same reaction: a face palm!

  3. I don't think the guys on Mount Rushmore would be amused at the current state of our politics.

  4. A curiosity. Do you have a favorite among the Rushmore 4?

  5. In that picture, it looks Jefferson is wearing a party hat.

  6. My mother taught me how to type when I was about 15...I aced typing class and later in life found I could type faster and more accurately than any of my secretaries. :)

    BTW, did you know that if Hillary is elected, we will, for the first time in history, have two presidents who have slept together?