Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Backyard Jungle

 I have a hedge plant in my backyard. It's very dense.

It's called a Red-Tip Photinia and properly growned and cultivated, it could resemble this.

But whoever developed my plot of land just let it grow as a tree.  A somewhat lazy tree, as you can see.

Actually, I rather like it. It seems to typify my attitude toward life these days. Relax. Rest. Take it easy.

But in amongst those leaves it's a more frantic time as new growth is put forth.

It looks a bit cannibalistic, don't you think?

Tendrils, groping, seeking the light. Letting nothing stand in their way.

This one looks like my face this morning. Needing a shave. Guess I'd better quit fooling around and get to it.