Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Backyard Jungle

 I have a hedge plant in my backyard. It's very dense.

It's called a Red-Tip Photinia and properly growned and cultivated, it could resemble this.

But whoever developed my plot of land just let it grow as a tree.  A somewhat lazy tree, as you can see.

Actually, I rather like it. It seems to typify my attitude toward life these days. Relax. Rest. Take it easy.

But in amongst those leaves it's a more frantic time as new growth is put forth.

It looks a bit cannibalistic, don't you think?

Tendrils, groping, seeking the light. Letting nothing stand in their way.

This one looks like my face this morning. Needing a shave. Guess I'd better quit fooling around and get to it.


Steve said...

You da Garden Man.

The Bug said...

Ha! Looks like my legs - they need a shave too (TMI?)...

Your neighbor whose good house is never done said...

Pho-TIN-ia? Pho-TEEN-ia? The most overused plant in AZ. I bonsai mine so I can see the snakes as they slither through my yard looking for mice and rabbit dens.

Should Fish More said...

Huh, my neighbor has one, wondered what it was. Learn something new every day.

Stephen Hayes said...

I've seen these but never knew what they were called.