Saturday, June 29, 2019


I visited a car show at the local Walmart parking lot this morning.

There were classic old touring cars.

Cars of many colors.

A mellow yellow 1931 Model A Ford.

Would you believe this tiny jitney is a BMW?

This pickup truck with a wicked looking front bumper attracted this guy.

While he was studying the engine I admired the twin stacks behind the passenger compartment.

This car apparently was rigged for some heavy duty dirt-track racing.

Check the roll bars.

This one, in basic black, was a beauty.

As was this curvilinear cutie.

A Cadillac from the days of b-i-g cars displayed it's very wide grille.

Faint memories came drifting back from this era.

I don't know but this car's owner seemed to be showing off some Corvette-envy.

The real thing was nearby.

Here was a fine example of a shiny engine so big a hole has to exist in the hood to accomodate it.

Many classic car owners have a sense of humor to go with their styling touches.

I loved seeing an old Hudson, a car brand long since confined to the ages.

And I especially liked it's vanity license plate.

Here's a better look.

Friday, June 28, 2019


The first two Democratic debates are over.

Do you know who won?

I have my ideas but, as someone frequently says, "we'll see."

So enough yelling, let's get down to the REAL business of the day.

The rare few moments of hilarity in a week.

Starting off with the traditional question for this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere where I live, "Hot enough for ya?"

Okay, okay, if we're going to get rowdy here, I'm calling a halt to it.

Now listen, you lissome lovers of languor, lethargy and liquification, it is past the legal limit of lolling like a lummox.

Get out there and have a fabulous weekend.

And always remember to keep laughing!

Here, kitty-kitty . . .

No, no, no, not you guys.

Yeah, here's the actors:

Wednesday, June 26, 2019


Oh, for crying out loud.

I discovered a bunch of comments that never got published on my blog.

And I found a place where I could order them published.

But then I found a place where I could delete spam comments.

And then I found a place where I could delete published comments and there were at least a thousand.

So I figured I'd clean up the system a bit.

But after I had deleted them (from the bank, so to speak) I discovered I'd also deleted them from the blog posts themselves.

I am such a technological idiot!

Okay, so now that I know what NOT to do, I'm going to try to keep a closer watch on my blog comments, publish those that have gotten flagged for whatever incorrect reason and eliminate the spam.

I'm sorry, folks.

I'm only 79 years and two months old and I'm still learning.



Those of you Gentle Readers will know about SWMBO, aka Judy, aka my wife, and her artistic leanings.

I'm sure you will be pleased to know that she's back at the mural she has created on an old battered and tattered fence in our back yard.

Her small pond has become a true mountain lake and, under her new name - The Merry Muralist, the work goes on.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019


Today's post is thanks to my great friend, Lori from Seattle.

She emailed these (and more) this morning and got my day off to a gay (in the old meaning) start.

You've all probably seen the commercial on t.v. where a guy parks, then moves his fancy new convertible out from under some pooping pigeons only to have a construction crew dump wet cement all over it.

Well, guess what.

It actually happens in real life.

And it's hardening.

Equally as bad is carrying paint cans in your car when you might have a collision.

Or you might take a wrong turn and end up in hot (or cold) water.

It seems even the police are in danger of the results of bad driving decisions.

You know that old expression about being hit like a ton of bricks?

Note the driver is still stuck in his cab.

I wonder if this next guy was.

Or this guy.

Sometimes your load may be too heavy for sudden stops, or is it lurches?

Then there are some road repairs to be driven mindlessly into.

But, you know, accidents can happen even off the road.

And some times it's the pedestrians, standing a little too close to the road on a rainy day.

Happy Motoring, everyone, and thanks again to Seattle Lori!

Friday, June 21, 2019


Oh it's been such a week.

But . . .

Bet you had to think about that last one for awhile, didn't you?

So did I.

Well, Gentle Readers, let's all jump out of the nest and fly around twittering (not Tweeting!) to find the tree of knowledge and giving naysayers the bird.

In other words, have a great weekend.

Oh, and always remember to keep laughing.

Here, kitty-kitty . . .

(Oh, yeah???)

Thursday, June 20, 2019


It's coming.

Tomorrow, June 21st, is the Summer Solstice.

If, like me, you live north of the Equator, that is.

It's the official first day of Summer and this year that season runs until September 23rd.

And tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after that, is the longest day of the year.

Meaning the day we get the most light from Old Man Sun.

You might want to start looking for that bottle of sun screen right now.

And the barbecue grill.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019


Our beloved Muggles, as they say nowadays, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge yesterday.

From the time we rescued her from a raging rainstorm, she was a lovely member of our family.

I guess all cats are like this but her favorite thing to do seemed to be sleeping.

In all kinds of positions.

Judy often said Muggles was like her, with thin eyelids, which she often covered with one paw.

She was quite old . . around 17 we think . . and had stopped eating except for a few bites of her special treats.

She had lost most of her weight and seemed feeble except when we tried to give her some pain medicine.

She was an indoor cat all of her life but we decided to let her out a few weeks ago and she explored the back yard but mostly just lay and looked around.

I took this photo a week or so ago, her final picture.

I think it was her last time outside.

We invited her several times but she had lost the strength and the interest.

So yesterday we let her go on her trip to the stars.