Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Crazy Cat

I forgot to mention earlier that Granny J tipped me to this video. Thanks, Julie!


  1. Thanks for posting this -- but a Q. -- why doesn't that cat's fur get wet? Do his owners spray him with olive oil or something?

  2. I have no idea, Julie. I can't believe he seems to like it though the BRD had a cat that used to go into the shower when it was still damp. Cats is strange!

  3. This IS hysterical! And maybe a bunch of initials (if I were younger), like LOL and ROTFL and all that. Thanks for the laugh and thanks to Granny J for sharing!

  4. It's fab isn't it! He must be a special waterproof cat... he seems to enjoy drinking the drips as they run off his nose. Made me laugh every time he stuck his head under.

  5. Sally - Thanks for stopping by.

    Lucy - There are cats that seem to like water but I believe this one is the champion.


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