Friday, January 22, 2010

Before the storm . . .

There's a house on my regular route to visit my pal, Reed, that has a couple of metal giraffes standing guard in the yard, gazing out toward the road.

But recently, when I went by, I noticed that an accident had occurred. The baby giraffe had toppled to the ground, perhaps blown over by the wind, perhaps just worn out and taking a nap. But it was an unnerving sight, which I share with you now.

Stiff-legged, mouth agape. It doesn't look good. But I am convinced that when I go by again, baby will be restored to life.


  1. Oh no, poor baby! I hope he recovers soon. All we had blow over was the mailbox.

  2. It just shows what can happen when you take African wildlife out of the bush.


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