Sunday, January 10, 2010


It's actually not bad here in Arizona. Right now (at 11:30 a.m.) the temperature is 43 degrees and the forecast high today is 56. But most of the rest of the country is abnormally cold. For example, take a look at Charleston, South Carolina, where my pal Joan has had her camera out this morning.

Reminds me of that old pirate line: shiver my timbers!

Back where I grew up, in North Dakota, the wind chill this week was 50 degrees below zero! Now I can remember going out to ice skate when the real temperature was 20 below but that was 60 years ago and now I'm feeling cold at 43 degrees. I just have to try to remember last summer when the temperature was in the 90's and I was wishing for the cooler weather to arrive.


  1. My timbers are too cold to shiver. Enjoy the warm weather (grin).

  2. It's a chilly 18 here in Ohio this afternoon.

  3. ha!
    i laugh at your silly people!
    add another 12 degrees of latitude and you will freeze your digits off.

  4. The overnight lows here in Texas have been in the teens for the last few days. I hear that by mid-week, the temps will be back in the mid-60's, and I sure hope so. Otherwise, I didn't move far enough south.

  5. I complain until I hear what everyone else has to deal with. Our houses just aren't built for this. Mine has lots of charm and no insulation :)

  6. Back when I was drinking hard in public, I had a friend who said the way to cure a hangover in Phoenix was to find a cool, dark bar. I think your solution is to find a warm, bright bar!


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