Thursday, February 4, 2010

Side Road intersection construction

In my youth, a side road usually meant an unpaved trail somewhat adjacent to a main thoroughfare.

No longer apparently.

The Mike Fann construction company has been busy for some weeks and will be for many more just creating a Side Road intersection up in north Prescott off of Highway 89-A. Take a look.

Please keep in mind these photos were snapped through car windows while driving by at 60 miles per hour so "they ain't perfect."


  1. Are you saying you were driving at 60mph and took the pictures. Brave one.

  2. Well, actually I was driving and the camera took the photos.

  3. Gone is the sleepy little town I knew in the early 70s, I bet I wouldn't recognize it now for all the new construction and changes.

  4. AZ - And the Palace doesn't have pool tables anymore!

  5. Seriously? Is nothing sacred!


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