Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Signs of spring

Even though they came in pots from stores, just the appearance of tulips and heather raise hopes of warmer temperatures and perhaps the end of gray, snowy days.


  1. Things are months away around here. But I can dream...

  2. Birdman - We often get a late snowstorm in March so my post may be a premature dream.

  3. Spring flowers are my favorite! I hope the lilacs don't freeze this year.
    Loved your story from yesterday. I will enjoy reading these but, sadly, I am not a writer so will just read what those of you who are blessed with this talent put forth.

  4. Judy - Thanks for your kind words about my first Magpie Tale. But if you read any of the others, you will see that I am way down the list as far as talent is concerned.

    I love tulips and your photo of one peeping through the snow inspired me.


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