Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cell phones

A friend needs a new cell phone. I've been asked to help. I know absolutely nothing about cell phones. But, as I told my friend's friend, I am good at asking questions. Oops. I may not be so good at this as I thought. My friend needs a phone with big numbers. None of the phones that I saw in the Sprint store had anything other than miniscule numbers. Not a flip phone, my friend's friend said. Looks to me like all of them are "flip phones". One the salesman showed me has a slide cover, rather than a flip. That would work but, again, the keypad is miniscule. He says the numbers turn blue when the phone comes on. That would help but still . . those keys are so tiny. And the company apparently won't transfer my friend's remaining balance. And his present company apparently isn't represented in this area.

Do you get my drift? I'm too old for this crap.


  1. I not only got your drift but you cracked me up too!
    I can barely operate the one I've got... :D

  2. Dawn - I'm sure you're much more adept at "cellphoneage" than I am.

  3. I don't know much about cell phones either although I just got a new smartphone that I love. I don't think you want all the bells & whistles mine has but I think the phones with the touch screens all have pretty big numbers on them and they are not flip phones.

    What about a jitterbug? It has big numbers but it is a flip phone.

  4. After my somewhat discouraging report, the friend's friend said she was going to buy one she already had spotted at Target.

    I was thinking of a Jitterbug but couldn't remember the name.

  5. They make bigger-buttoned phones. The 'Old Faithful' seems to be the most popular one. If you order an un-locked phone you should be able to use it with any carrier.

    Link to google shopping results

  6. I should have thought of asking you, Tombo, but apparently it's been taken care of so I'm off the hook. Thanks, though.

  7. Oh how I agree--- finally throw away the cell phone -- so much happier --
    the darn thing was so sensitive it would speed dial with the slightest nudge when in my purse -- at least that was the excuse I gave my self when the bill arrived.

  8. I have a cell phone...somewhere, not exactly sure where I put it last week. It is one of those that you go online and load up with 60 or 90 minutes or whatever every three months for $19.99. I think I have for or five hundred minutes on it stored up. I don't think I have used it this year.

    It is an anathema to me to feel like I always have to be connected. I take the darn thing on long trips....and I have to go through mental calisthenics to figure out how to use it when I want to use it.

    Sigh...I'm so out of touch. Thank God.

  9. I stood my ground and stuck to land lines until late last year. If your friend wants big keyes, they will probably do best without button keys at all. My son's Iphone has a touch screen keyboard, which kind of checks the letters as you put them in. My much cheaper Itouch, made by the fast growing |HTC company of Taiwan, also has a selection of six keyboards and you activate them with a dinky little pen or a toothpick. My hands shake so this is sometimes a little slow. Here, I have found the cell phone saves me about sixty dollars a month over the land line's cost, but that is just because of how I use it and the ridiculous charges I used to get from our local Bell company.

  10. Marc, thanks for the advice but my friend already his new phone.


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