Monday, December 6, 2010


As gawd is my witness, I read about this video in the Sunday New York Times.  What to do when you're bored out of your mind.  (And you have a bodyguard close at hand.)  Enjoy!


  1. Well, thankyou Cat! I did enjoy that, and it reminded me that once upone a time, I too, could use a Hoola Hoop!!

  2. He's good, but I'm relieved he kept his shorts on.

  3. If he keeps doing that he will lose that little ponch he has and look pretty good.
    Have you seen the Hoopstars perform in town? Really fun to watchand looks like fun to do. If I tried to do that, I'd end up in traction.

  4. Meggie - I could never keep it going.

    Steve - LOL!

    Judy - I have not seen the Hoopsters. I know I could use of that exercise, too, but I'm like you, I'm afraid. Bring on the cookies, I say!


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