Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring? Hello? Hello? HELLO?

The spring equinox kicked in at 4:21 yesterday afternoon, Mountain Standard Time.  (We're rugged individualists here in Arizona - we don't go for that sissy Daylight Time stuff.)  But who forgot to tell the weatherman?

It was blowing like crazy yesterday afternoon and through the night.  The first full day of spring dawned like this.

By this afternoon it had turned to snow, even if it was melting once it hit the ground.

Even the patio lights seemed to be tearful.


  1. Well for once our weather was somewhat better than yours :) It was in the 60s today. We did have an afternoon thunderstorm, but the warmth more than compensated for that little inconvenience!

  2. We had nice sun, but not real warm. You can have the snow and rain.

  3. Brrr, that looks wet and cold!

  4. It's a bit better today and supposed to warm up more tomorrow.

  5. Good Grief! Who knew? I thought we could bring our 'sinuses to Arizona'?? On the other hand, maybe snow & cold wont affect them quite the way it does here Downunder.


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